The Medicine Department has a team of skilled physicians. The doctors provide highest quality of healthcare.

Apart from utilizing their expertise in taking care of the ailing the team of expert senior doctors is also engaged in training the budding doctors. Poona Hospital & Research Centre is a recognized institute by National Board of Examinations for DNB- Medicine.


Dr. Arun Bahulikar

M.D. (Medicine)

OPD Timing: Wed - 10.30am to 01.00pm

Dr. V.G. Shah

M.D. (Medicine), F.I.C. A (USA)

OPD Timing: Thurs - 10.30am to 01.00pm

Dr. N.M. Beke

M.D. (Medicine)

OPD Timing: Mon - 10.30am to 01.00pm

Dr. S. V. Nagarkar

M.D. (Medicine)

OPD Timing: Thurs - 02.00pm to 04.30pm

Dr. C.G. Shetty

M.D. (Medicine)

OPD Timing: Mon - 02.00pm to 04.30pm

Dr. (Ms.) Aarti Shahade

M.D. (Medicine)

OPD Timing: Tues - 02.00pm to 04.30pm

Dr. Manoj Chaurasia


OPD Timing: Sun - 02.00pm to 04.30pm

Dr. Ajit Tambolkar

M.D. (Medicine)

OPD Timing: Sun - 10.30am to 01.00pm

Dr. Abbas Chopdawala

DNB (Med)

OPD Timing: Fri - 10.30am to 01.00pm, Sat - 02.00pm to 04.30pm

Dr. Datta Patki

DNB (Gen. Med)

OPD Timing: Tues - 10.30am to 01.00pm

Dr. Vihita Kulkarni

DNB (Gen. Med)

OPD Timing: Sat - 10.30am to 01.00pm, Wed - 02.00pm to 04.30pm

Dr. Sayali Tulpule

DNB (Med)

OPD Timing: Fri - 02.00pm to 04.30pm