The Department of Nephrology at Poona Hospital & Research Centre offers comprehensive treatment for all types of kidney disorders. The team of senior Nephrologists and experienced technicians ensures safe treatment of all Nephrological issues with a focus on improving the quality of life.

The hospital is a recognised centre for cadaver donor organ transplants.

Paediatric Nephrology:- The Pediatric nephrology unit at Poona Hospital & Research Centre offers diagnosis and treatment to children suffering from urinary and kidney disorders.

Dr. S.V. Ukidve

M.D. (Medicine)

OPD Timing: Tues : 11:30am to 01:30pm

Dr. N.C. Ambekar

DNB (Nephrology)

OPD Timing: Mon & Fri - 11.30am to 01.30pm

Dr. Sunil Jawale

DM Nephrology

OPD Timing: Wed & Sat - 11.30am to 01.30pm

Dr. Nikhil Rathi

DNB (Nephrology)

OPD Timing: Sat 2.00pm to 04.30pm

Paediatric Nephrology

Dr. Shraddha Lohia

OPD Timing: Wed : 09.00am to 11.00am, Fri - 02.00pm to 04.00pm