At Poona Hospital you can choose from 6 different categories of accomodation, that is General ward,Semi B Type, Semi A type, Private Non-AC, Private AC, Semi Luxury and Luxury Rooms. However, these are subject to availability. The tariff plan will vary as per the accommodation.

Interim & Final Billing

Two types of bills are generated in the hospital viz:

  • Interim Bill: Interim or Provisional Bills are usually generated as required . The interim bills will give you an idea on the hospital expenditure as on that day and the amount outstanding in your account, if any. In case of outstanding you will be required to settle the same within one day. The interim bill will be handed over to you by the Public Relations Assisstant of your ward. You can contact the billing department / PRO if you require any clarifications on the bill details.
  • Final Bill: The final bill will be generated only at discharge. This will consider all the interim bills and the advance deposit paid, throught the current admission.

Patient Bed Transfer
From higher to lower / lower to higher - This can be done. To understand applicable charges, please contact the Public Relations Assistant in your ward / PRO before seeking a transfer.

However the transfer of any patient depends on the availability of beds and is at the discretion of the hospital.

Room Retaining

  • If there are no other patients waiting for admission , permission for the room retaining may be granted. However the discretion lies entirely on the hospital whether or not to allow room retaining.
  • On the event of retaining the allotted room, charges as per tariff plan will be levied in addition to the bed occupied by the patient.
  • In case room is not retained by attendants then patient will be allotted same or another room of suitable category on return from OT/Post-Operative Ward or ICU, subject to availability.
  • Refund If there is any balance remaining with the hospital at the time of discharge then refund shall be made after your discharge.
  • Refund up to Rs.9,999 will be made immediately in cash.
  • Any refund above Rs. 10000 shall be made in cheque.
  • Original payment receipt needs to be shown at the cash counter for availing refund.

Queries and Assistance

Issue Where Available
Room Allotment / transfer / up gradation Front office executive Front Office
Billing Related Queries PRO PRO Office
Nursing Care Nursing Superintendent NS Office
After 8:00 pm up to 8:00 am
Nursing Superintendent NS Office