Best Dietitian in Pune

Nutrition is an integral part of treating and preventing different ailments. The dietary services are one of the most important supportive services to the hospital contributing to the recovery of health through systematic preparation of the regular diets for the betterment of the patients. The dietetics team also provides specialized medical nutritional therapy.

Roles & Responsibilities of Dietecians:

  • Patient diet & lifestyle modification
  • Conducting extensive nutrition care
  • Clinical dietary services
  • Monitoring dietary intake of patients
  • Providing personalized/ customized nutritional diet plans for patients
  • Check quality of food items prepared in kitchen as per food certified labs (NAFARI)
  • Supervise food preparation and its distribution
  • Planning weekly cyclic menu for IPD patients and hospital staff.
  • Train kitchen staff on importance of personal hygiene, cleanliness & sanitization, following all safety and security measures.
  • Administrative management of kitchen staff & equipments.