In an Emergency Just dial 020-66096000

Our ambulance will reach you as soon as possible. Our emergency and trauma unit is manned 24 x 7 by trained staff and doctors.

If you are coming into our Emergency and Trauma Unit, if possible please bring with you: a list of your current medications any x-rays/ultrasounds/scans that may be related to your condition Latest / Last prescription of your treating doctor Your Identity proof / insurance card / Govt I card / Company I card Please be aware that patients are seen in order of severity of their illness, and not in order of attendance If another patient comes to the Emergency & Trauma Unit with a more serious condition, you will be required to wait. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Registration / Admission

Courteous staff at the reception and admissions counter will greet and guide you through the entire process.

Once at the admission desk you will be required to fill a form specifying details of the patient. A unique Patient PH Number will be issued to you on submission of then duly filled registration form. This number will be required to be produced by you, every time you visit the hospital for easy and effective traceability of your previous medical records.

Please note that people who are insured / govt employees or have their companies pay for their medical expense are requested to clarify all details with your respective insurance agent / company before Admission. For any further assistance on the same you can get in touch with our TPA Helpdesk / PRO office . If the patient wishes to avail any facility like cashless admission under insurance cover etc… the same must be specified in the form.

You also need to specify the name of the consultant you wish to admit your patient under. The admission desk will also let you know the room rent as applicable

Your Room

The hospital currently has 300 beds. Standard in-patient accommodation ranges from General ward to Luxury rooms. We are happy to discuss your individual choice of accommodation prior to admission.


A well-balanced diet plays an important role in your treatment and recovery as well as in prevention and management of diseases. Our Dietetics Department makes every effort to provide you with nutritious and appetizing meals that are prepared according to your consultant’s orders. It includes a review of an individual’s medical history, diet history and lifestyle for planning nutrition management to improve quality of life. Our experienced dietician provides services for both- inpatients and outpatients

Hospital Identification

An identity band is used to identify you during your hospital stay. It is essential to wear your identity band, as it has your accurate details on it, and ensures that staff can identify you correctly – thus giving you the correct care that you require.

How can you Help ?

Please disclose accurate medical history including allergies , surgical procedures, current medication that you are taking , personal history etc. You can help by checking the wristbands very carefully as they are put on your wrists to ensure the details are correct.

Please take your time to do this, as these details are essential in ensuring you receive the correct care. If the information on your wristband is incorrect, please tell your nurse as soon as possible.

If you have not been issued with a wristband, please ask a member of a staff for one. If your band comes off or is uncomfortable, please ask a member of staff to adjust or replace it.

We continually work towards maintaining an absolutely clean hospital environment. A well ventilated and hygienic atmosphere is essential for your well being and helps in convalescence. Our efforts need to be re enforced by you and your visitors.

You are requested to refrain from smoking, taking alcohol and asking for non vegetarian food during your stay with us , as these are strictly prohibited.

Treat hospital staff and other patients with dignity and respect, and do not conduct any activity that will disrupt the working of the hospital or damage the hospital property.