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General News


  • Dr. Neil Saldanha, for passing DNB General Medicine.
  • Dr. K.S.V.N Surya Prakash, for passing DNB General Surgery.
  • Dr. Dushyant Sankalia, for passing DNB Neurology.
  • ’3T MRI’, the most advance & first silent imaging technology has been installed at Omega Scan in Poona Hospital & Research Centre. This 3T MR system is capable of doing all rountine MRI Scans and whole lot of advanced imaging. The magnetic field produced by this system yields exceptional anatomic detail. The increased image clarity revealed by 3T is particularly beneficial for pathological conditions involving the brain, spine, and musculoskeletal system. The increased spatial resolution of this 3T scanner allows for high-quality vascular imaging. Utilizing shorter scan times, this system maximizes patient comfort without compromising quality.
 Blood Donation Camps :A total of 7 Blood Donation Camps were arranged during the period between February 2017 & April 2017 at various places like Pashan, Wakdewadi, Singagad Road etc.  A total of 570 people donated blood during these camps.
A Free Glaucoma Screening Campwas arranged from 09th to 11th March 2017. Free consultation & screening for glaucoma was provided Glaucoma related pre-operative investigations, procedures & surgery was available at concessional rates during this camp.

Women’s Wednesday : The ongoing health checkup camp on every Wednesday for women’s with gynecological or obstetric problems is being organized by the Department o Gynecology & Obstetrics. More than 1200 patients benefited since February 2016, with free consultation. Additional investigations are being done at concessional rates.

  • A one day Post Graduate Clinic in General Surgery was conducted on 24th February 2017, by Dr Sudhir Kumar Jain, Professor & Consultant Surgeon, Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi at Poona Hospital under the guidance of Dr Mohan Desarda. A lecture by the chief faculty followed  by Case Presentations enlightened the mindes of all general surgery residents who attended the event from hospitals all over Pune.
  • Indian Society of Anaesthesiologist, Pune branch, organized a CME on ’Medical Legal Cases in Consideration in Anesthesiology’ on 27th March 2017.
  • Department of General Surgery, Poona Hospital & Research Centre organized a CME on ’Suture Materials’on 25th May 2017.
  • Department of Medicine, Poona Hospital & Research Centre organized the following CME programmes.
    • ‘Malaria’ on 14th March 2017.
    • Antibiotic Residance’ & ’Adult Immunization’ on 13th April 2017.
    • ‘CNS Infection’ on 09th May 2017.

Press Articles

Poona Hospital’s Senior Neurosurgeon, Dr Sushil Patkar pioneered a new technique in spinal surgery that greatly reduces risk. This technique has been appreciated & accepted, nationaly and internationaly.

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Patient Testimonials

Smt Lata Gupta
Research Officer
“ This is my thank you note to Dr. Bharat A. Dikshit, Dr.Neela Desai and all the caring staff members of Poona Hospital. My mother (Smt. Kirti Gupta) underwent a medical surgery (appendix tumor) on 21/09/2012. Thank you very much Dr.Dikshit and all for your kindness and the care you took of my mother. Your talent in surgery is a beacon of hope for the future of all your patients.
Once again thanks for everything. “

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Poona Hospital and Research Centre

Poona Hospital & Research Centre was established in 1985 under the aegis of the Rajasthani and Gujarati Charitable Foundation, a registered public charitable trust, with the aim of providing quality medical care at a reasonable cost to the public, and also to give free or concessional medical care to patients from the lower socio-economic strata.

Stroke Brain Attack (English)

It is very common
It is the third leading cause of death
It is the commonest cause of adult disability


नेहमी आढळणारा आजार
मृत्यूच्या जवळ जाण्याचे तिसरे प्रमुख कारण
दुर्बलतेचे प्रथम निमित्त

Smile Train Leaflet

पूना हॉस्पिटल अँड रिसर्च सेंटरने जनसामान्यांचा हितासाठी एक विशेष प्रकल्प हाती घेतला आहे. जगातील तीसपेक्षा जास्त देशांमध्ये असणाऱ्या अमेरिकेतील " द स्माईल ट्रेन " या आंतराष्ट्रीय सेवाभावी संस्थेच्या सहकार्याने हा प्रकल्प राबविला जात आहे

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