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General News

          The Poona Hospital family has lost two of its valued members recently.

  • Shri. Hasmukhbhai A. Shah, Vice President & one of the founder members of Poona Hospital, passed away on 3rd November 2018.
  • Dr. Mahesh Tulpule, Head of the Department, General Medicine & Consultant Physician, passed away on 22nd September 2018. 

        Their absence will be deeply felt.


  • Dr. Saurabh Sancheti, has been awarded with the ’Indian Heart Journal-A V Gandhi Award’ for Excellence in Cardiology for the year 2017, as his research work ’Endothelial Dysfunction’ has achieved a position in top 50 research works in cardiology all over India.
  • The NABL Accreditation has been successfully renewed for the Dept. of Pathology & Microbiology for medical testing as per ISO 15189:2012 for the period from 15th October 2018 to 14th October 2020.
  • Dr. Snehal Daga, Dr. Sunil  Patel & Dr. Moiz Topiwala for passing DNB General Medicine.
  • Dr. Sujata Shelke, Dr. Shweta Shelke & Dr. Ravindra Kute for passing DNB Anaesthesiology.
  • Dr. Saikrishna Chenna, Dr. Anup Purandare & Dr. Dhanish Parekh for passing DNB General Surgery.
  • Dr. Bharat Agrawal & Dr. Bhushan Bari for passing DNB Cardiology.
  • Blood Donations Camps: A total of 10 Blood Donation Camps were arranged during the period between August & October 2018 at various places like Pimpri, Pirangut, Bawdhan, Shivaji Nagar etc. A total of 721 people donated blood during these camps.
  • Ongoing Free Cataract Screening Camp for patients above 50 years : Free screening is being done on every Monday & Thursday between 2 pm & 4 pm. Cataract Surgery, if required, will be done at Rs.500/- and preoperative investigations will be done at concessional rates.

  • General Practitioners Association, Pune, organized a CME on ’Gynaecology Update’ on 07th  October 2018.
  • Dr. Kedar Patil, arranged a Support Group Meeting for the patients of Obesity & Type 2 Diabetes on 14th October 2018.
  • Pune Peth Doctors Association, organized a CME on ’Myocardial Infarction & Infectious Diseases & Adult Vaccination’ on 09th September 2018.
  • Dr. V.G. Watve, organized a CME on ’Mental Health Act 2017’ on 16th November 2018.
  • Poona Hospital & Research Centre, organized a CME on ’More About Diabetes’ on 18th November 2018.
  • A 3 day Certificate Course of  ’Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support & Basic Life Support’ was organized, comprising of lectures, presentations & examinations between 22nd & 24th November 2018. 20 candidates participated in this course.
  • Department of Medicine, Poona Hospital & Research centre organized the following CME programmes.
    • ‘Monoclonal Antibodies & Nutrition’ on 12th September 2018.
    • Plasmapheresis & Intravenous Immunoglobulin’ on 09th October 2018.
    • ‘Blood Products & Complications of Blood Transfusion’ on 20th November 2018.




Press Articles

Poona Hospital’s Senior Neurosurgeon, Dr Sushil Patkar pioneered a new technique in spinal surgery that greatly reduces risk. This technique has been appreciated & accepted, nationaly and internationaly.

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Patient Testimonials

Smt Lata Gupta
Research Officer
“ This is my thank you note to Dr. Bharat A. Dikshit, Dr.Neela Desai and all the caring staff members of Poona Hospital. My mother (Smt. Kirti Gupta) underwent a medical surgery (appendix tumor) on 21/09/2012. Thank you very much Dr.Dikshit and all for your kindness and the care you took of my mother. Your talent in surgery is a beacon of hope for the future of all your patients.
Once again thanks for everything. “

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Poona Hospital and Research Centre

Poona Hospital & Research Centre was established in 1985 under the aegis of the Rajasthani and Gujarati Charitable Foundation, a registered public charitable trust, with the aim of providing quality medical care at a reasonable cost to the public, and also to give free or concessional medical care to patients from the lower socio-economic strata.

Stroke Brain Attack (English)

It is very common
It is the third leading cause of death
It is the commonest cause of adult disability


नेहमी आढळणारा आजार
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पूना हॉस्पिटल अँड रिसर्च सेंटरने जनसामान्यांचा हितासाठी एक विशेष प्रकल्प हाती घेतला आहे. जगातील तीसपेक्षा जास्त देशांमध्ये असणाऱ्या अमेरिकेतील " द स्माईल ट्रेन " या आंतराष्ट्रीय सेवाभावी संस्थेच्या सहकार्याने हा प्रकल्प राबविला जात आहे

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